Weirdest Outlook Problem Solution Ever

(note, this is an old post that I copied over from my old blog. It was helping people out, so I moved it over).

Outlook 2007 on a Windows XP Box. Upgrade from Office 2003 to 2007. Rarely, when sending email, the message:

“The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. It the problem persists, restart Outlook.”

would show up when sending email. After the upgrade, it happened all the time. (I should probably preface all this with the fact that it wasn’t *my* machine and I was troubleshooting it using Fog Creek’s Co-Pilot service). The user could not send email. Every time when clicking “Send” that message would show up. Even after restarting Outlook. Went through all the typical troubleshooting steps:

-Reboot (duh)
-Disable Add-ins (Linkedin, Google Desktop Search, Norton, etc)
-Created new mail profile & new .pst
-Disabled desktop firewall
-Disabled anti-spam software
-Paused Google Index
-Switched to use SMTP on port 25 instead of SMTP over SSL
-Archived old data

None of it worked. Google or Microsoft support wasn’t much help, simply because the error message is too general and applies to many different problems. 

The solution?

-Empty the Deleted Items Folder

I kid you not.

3-4 hours of troubleshooting and searching for answers and that was it. There must have been a corrupted file in there or something.

I hope someone finds this post and that it saves them the time. 

I need a beer.


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