Swedish Idioms

Det ligger en hund begraven – There’s a dog buried here “There’s something more to it” As in, someone is not telling the complete truth.   Some fun Swedish idioms here. The Swedish language is pretty weird sometimes.  

Bank Security

The Onion nails it again. It's funny because it's not too far from the truth. At Chase Bank, we recognize the value of online banking—it’s quick, convenient, and available any time you need it. Unfortunately, though, the threats posed by malware and identity theft are very real and all too…

The Alien Prequel That Almost Was

Script leak. This is the Prometheus movie I wanted to see. (Direct link to PDF of script). "Spaihts' draft is very similar to the finished film in many ways - except the finished film ruins or dumbs down aspects of his script. They're on LV-426 in his draft. The guys who…
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