Swedish Idioms

Det ligger en hund begraven – There’s a dog buried here “There’s something more to it” As in, someone is not telling the complete truth.   Some fun Swedish idioms here. The Swedish language is pretty weird sometimes.  

Swedish Imperialism

The Smithsonian blog has a great post about the history of Sweden and the death of King Charles XII. The writer Gary Dean Peterson admits in his study of this period, “that the boots of Swedish soldiers once trod the streets of Moscow, that Swedish generals had conquered Prague and…

Most Awesome Monarchs Ever

I don't always read TMZ, but when I do, it's about Sweden: "King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and his wife Queen Silvia have officially earned the title of most AWESOME MONARCHS EVER -- cheering their faces off last night at Sweden's Olympic handball match against Denmark. Their hilariously annoying battle cries must…

New Site: DidDadWinAtChess?

The most complex web site ever made. The dynamic content will blow your mind. Click through at your own risk at the link below. Did Dad Win At Chess? You're welcome. /Sorry, dad. // :) P.S. My dad and I use Sprybytes Email Chess to play, since he lives in…

Happy Midsummer

I was going to write a post about midsummer here, but TexasSwede beat me to it. (Although he conveniently forgot to mention the excessive drinking that Swedes do on this day) :) So anyway...Happy Midsummer everyone!