From 0 to cryptography

For those of you who wonder what I actually do for a living, here's a great write-up on the topic. Also, if you're interested in the future, Arstechnica has a very interesting post about Quantum cryptography that's worth reading. I expect to get zero likes on this post by non-techie friends.

It’s not paranoia if it’s true has a great article about ways you can get stalked online. Worth a read. Also, make sure you have an hour or two to kill before you click through because is addictive. [caption id="attachment_35495" align="alignleft" width="300"] Any Photo You Post Online Gives Away Your Location[/caption]

Death to Voicemail

USA Today Article: Voice Mail in decline, with rise of text, loss of patience. the number of voice-mail messages left on user accounts was down 8% in July from a year ago. Good. I say kill it now. If you reach my voicemail, feel free to text or email me.…
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