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Had a great workout this morning. After everyone went to bed at 9, I decided to go to the gym again. After getting on the treadmill, I noticed that I had completely forgotten my Nike+ wristband. It’s a wristband that communicates with a device in my shoe, tracking how far and fast I’m going as well as how many calories are burned. After a workout, I plug the wristband into my laptop and upload the results to the Nike web site and the results are posted there in addition to the widget here to the right on

But tonight I forgot the stupid wristband and therefore also my motivation to work out. So I gave up after 30 minutes.


Working Out To…?

April 12th, 2009 No Comments »

Trying to get back in shape again after foot surgery in December. I’ve been listening to music, podcasts, watching TV Shows, catching up on news and even emailing while working out. Simply because being on a treadmill is boring. With a big B. I’ve found that an interesting Podcast will get my mind off of the actual physical activity and get my brain focused elsewhere, which makes me work out for a longer period of time. What do you work out to? Any recommendations?

Nike+ &

April 12th, 2009 No Comments »

Added Nike+ widget to push myself to get to the gym. Don’t care much about speed, just about getting on the treadmill, turn on a podcast or music and relax my brain for an hour 5-6 times a week.

Also added the widget, so y’all can laugh about the music I listen to.